Greencap's operations are proudly underpinned by Wesfarmers' 8 pillars of sustainability.

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Safety & Wellbeing

Greencap places the utmost priority on the safety and wellbeing of team members, clients and the public. Strict policies, procedures and targets are set.

Greencap offers all employees an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free counselling and support to any employee and their immediate family members seeking assistance. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Greencap is an equal employment opportunity (EEO) organisation and is committed to engaging local indigenous Australians and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander owned businesses. 

Greencap’s parent company Wesfarmers (WES) is a founding and active Member of Supply Nation and a member of the Leadership Roundtable.


People Development

Greencap ensure the continuous improvement and value of team members by providing career and personal development plans as well as training and development opportunities.

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Ethical Sourcing

Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety (WIS) is a recognised leader in managing design, development and supply chains globally, as such Greencap are committed to working with our supply partners to continuously improve ethical business practices through engaging with the partners to deliver sustainable solutions.

Greencap utilises the respected SMETA 6.0 audit methodology developed by Sedex to ensure continual evolution to align with global best practice.

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Service Quality

Greencap is committed to the delivery of industry-leading risk management solutions and has achieved certification in ISO 9001 Quality Management System and and ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.

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Community Contributions

Greencap’s vision is to make our world safer through the improved risk management of people, property and the environment. To support this, we look for opportunities to work with communities, support meaningful causes, and provide training and development opportunities to workers and community members.

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Climate Change Resilience

Wesfarmers has an active and all-encompassing climate change strategy being implemented across the business, of which Greencap proudly participates. There is a focus to further reduce the emissions intensity of our businesses and improve resilience to climate change.


Waste & Packaging

Greencap has a Water & Waste Committee dedicated to reducing waste generated from business activities and water usage where possible. Recent initiatives include organising e-waste collection from offices and annual participation in Clean Up Australia Day as a Business Supporter.





Greencap Nationally-Aligned Causes

The Bernie Banton Foundation

The Bernie Banton Foundation (BBF) provides support and advocacy to sufferers of asbestos related diseases and their loved ones.

With a shared vision of protecting the community by raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos, Greencap has proudly been the Risk Management Supporter of the Bernie Banton Foundation since 2017.

Through internal and external fundraising initiatives including fitness challenges, events on sites and donation-matching, Greencap has contributed over $20,000 to the foundation and continues to campaign for awareness across industries affected by the deadly material.

Learn more on the Bernie Banton Foundation website


Bernie Banton Foundation




The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Being a professional services provider employing a large number of scientists and engineers, Greencap values the importance of education.

Greencap's outlook aligns with the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), believing that to able to read and write is the key to accessing education and employment, and to participating fully in society.

Since 2017, Greencap has been raising awareness of the ALNF and participating in fundraising initiatives for the ALNF's Wall Of Hands Appeal. 100% of the funds raised through the Wall of Hands appeal go to delivering literacy programs in Indigenous communities across the nation.

Learn more on the official Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation website


Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation




2019-2020 Australian Bushfire Crisis


As the 2019-2020 bushfires burned across Australia bringing the most devastating impact to families, townships, flora and fauna and business, Greencap actively sought ways to provide both short- and long-term support in the community.

Ideas and suggestions from team members across the business have inspired support across the three areas outlined below:


Pro Bono Support

The cornerstone of Greencap's support will be through applying the unique skills and expertise of teams to support the affected communities.

Greencap is currently working with local authorities and other stakeholders to arrange deployment of our mobile hazmat laboratory into affected areas to provide free: asbestos identification related services to the community; PPE (incl. P2 masks and gloves) In addition, Training for the community on what hazardous materials to look for and how they can be managed; and General advice and support that may be required.



To empower team members to make a difference, two national causes were selected, the WWF and the Red Cross Australia, with Greencap pledging to match funds donated by team members.

Greencap’s team of health and safety professionals also includes people who are members of volunteer fire and emergency services. The opportunity was identified to support the Numerella Countegany Rural Fire Service through the provision of a diesel generator – providing much needed backup power beyond the 6 hours the current capacity provides. Greencap committed to matching all donations for the generator, holding fundraising international food days and initiatives in each office.

Through team member and Greencap contributions, $1,340 was raised for the selected charities and $4,799 for the generator, which Greencap proudly presented to the fire service in May 2020.


Education Campaign

Throughout the period, Greencap shared useful educative resources about the impact of various hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint and fire retardants on people and the environment and various Health and Safety tools.


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